Posted by: ivolution | February 6, 2009

Travelling South Africa

Travelling South AfricaAaaaaaahhhhhhhh, when i opened my mailbox this morning with a letter from my girlfriend crapping me out, after I asked her 3 weeks ago to start writing some articles for mytravel blog, I realised that we were already in February and if I didn’t start blogging about the most fabulous journey through South Africa within the next couple of days, I’d probably forget half the stuff.

So without much further ado, i bring you, travelling through South Africa by car. This will consist of many many posts as we did many spots in two weeks. This trip is a flight from Johannesburg international to Durban international. A drive from Durban to Cape Town. Driving from Cape Town to the Northern Cape and the across back to the land of the living in Gauteng, where I know write this article :).

Over 2 weeks we managed to drive 3500km in Toyota Tazz 1300 with no airconditioning through some of the most undiscovered and untouched pieces on land in South Africa.

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  1. You have spend your holidays very nicely….In your list every place is great attraction…….I really like to be visit these places….

  2. This green cathedral grows miracles and waters inspiration (NOT IN CAPE TOWN though)

    See also: Land Art Project in South Africa:

  3. Well well south africa! wondeful place. how was the World Cup there by you guys. You should do a post about it Steve. Would love to read up about all of it.

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