Posted by: ivolution | March 17, 2008

Travelling to Simons Town

simons-town1.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted a quaint, quiet, historical little village, Simons Town in Cape Town, South Africa is an amazing little place that is summed up in those three words exactly. Situated in the quiet side of the Cape Peninsula, Simons Town is a must for ALL visitors going to the Cape. Having recently spent 4 days in Simons Town on a little romantic getaway with the girlfriend, I found myself in love with a side of the Cape with Cape Town activities and scenery that I never knew really existed.

The problem with visitors coming to Cape Town, South Africa, and I’m not talking about your international visitors, I’m talking about your local South African vaalie types, is that the places they visit are all the hip hop, clubbing, shopping and partying districts of the Cape, namely Clifton and Camps Bay etc….

You want good food, good accommodation and an experience that you’ll never forget (including some lovely gale force winds ;-)) do a trip to Simons Town. OH, DON’T FORGET THE PENGUINS!!!

History of Simons Town

Simon’s Town Bay owes its name to Governor Simon van der Stel, who landed in False Bay in 1687.  In 1741, after many shipwrecks in Table Bay (See Simons Town Diving Adventures), that the Dutch East India Company decreed that their vessels anchor in Simon’s Town Bay.

Simon’s Town, as we know it today, grew more rapidly with the establishment of the Royal Naval Base there soon after the second British occupation in 1806. As can be seen by the stunning Simons Town harbour and historical buildings.

simons-town-travel.jpgOver the past two decades Simon’s Town has attracted many new residents with a subsequent building boom, which has fortunately not destroyed the historical and cultural appeal of the old town. The advent of democracy in 1994 and the recent expansion of the, fully integrated, South African Navy has given a further impetus to the growth of Simon’s Town, which now attracts thousands of visitors every year. While most come to see the penguins and the whales, many tarry to appreciate the unique historical ambience of Simon’s Town.

Eating Out in Simons Town

The Black Marlin -Nestled on one of the most scenic coastlines in the Cape , just outside of Simon’s Town, and en-route to Cape Point is the Black Marlin Restaurant.

Top 5 things to do in Simons Town

Boulders Beach – The home of the Simons Town penguins.

Places to stay in Simons Town

Romans Rock Guest House

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  1. Wow man, this is a great article on Simonstown.This is probable one of the most beautiful places in Cape Town to visit.I think I have to agree with the statement you made of South Africans who only visit the hip and trendy places in South Africa, while in the meantime they are missing out, on what is really in front of their eyes.What more can you ask for, than to be surrounded by nature and some history as well 😉


  2. Thank you so much for your comments man. I’m going to make a serious effort to punt South Africa as I believe there are such beautiful places out there that people haven’t explored.

    Unfortunately the tour operators are often the ones to blame but that’s why we’re here to make an effort to change that.

    Please do come back I will write alot more articles and would love some regular readers on this BLOG.

    Once again thanks for the comments.

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