Posted by: ivolution | January 25, 2008

Senor Frogs – Cancun PARTIES!

It’s been a while people and I do apologise. The response on my BLOG after just 5 posts makes me wonder why I never went with WordPress the first time I started BLOGGING. It just seems as though people who use wordpress are friendlier and share their thoughts more often, vs. the BLOGGER boys who seem to just use BLOGGER to gain backlinks and traffic for their real sites…. But enough about that lets move onto a topic that’s WELL WORTH WRITING ON A FRIDAY!

Partying In Cancun

Now believe me when I say that the parties in Cancun kick some serious butt! In fact the first party in Cancun with my two mates (whom if you read this post I’d really like you guys to contact me…) was awesome… See photo below!

Senior Froggs Cancun Mexico

 In a little corner in the hub of Cancun’s partying district is a secluded pub / restaurant / club called Senor Frogs. Now I’d never heard of this place before (even though it’s apparently one of the biggest chain of pubs) but let me  tell you, I’ll go back tomorrow. The waiters are incredibly friendly. The service is amazing and if you manage to drink enough and give enough to the waiters you’ll eventually start getting shooters poured down your throat at a rate of knots. Apart from the amazing tequila, cocktails out of this world, girls to die for, this place is a must see:

Senior Frogg girls! Mexican girls! Cancun girls!

The food is apparently really really good 🙂 but I believe after my 14th Tequila Margerita I forgot I’d even eating. If you’re looking for a fun fun time people, Senor Frogs Bar and Nightlife! With daily live music, DJs, contests and karaoke, this bar is always going until the early morning hours. And if that’s not enough, there’s even a water slide that leads from the venue out to the lagoon. So don’t forget your bathing suit.

To get to Senior Frog’s Cancun:
Senor Frog’s Cancunis located at Blvd, Kukulcan Km. 9.5, Frente a la playa Chac Mool, Zona Hotelera, C.P. 77500, Cancun, Quintana Roo.

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