Posted by: ivolution | January 17, 2008

Diving In Cancun – Cave Diving

South Africa has some amazing diving. With places like Sodwana being in the Top 5 dive spots in the world, I was really notChac Mol underwater system sure what to expect of Cancun and the diving experience in Mexico. Plus, I’ve done some fresh water dives into caves and tunnels and I tell you, I really didn’t enjoy those. What did get my toes tingling was the history and aura surrounding these 5 000 000 year old caves. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass. 

Diving Tip
Before you go on this dive make sure you’ve done at least a refresher diving course or a dive within the last 6 months. You need to have done at least 10 – 15 dives as well before attempting a cave dive. It’s more than a beginners dive and if you’re claustrophobic, don’t even think about it! You’ll panic!The dive we took was the underwater system known as Chac Mol. Take a look at the map to the right of this paragraph. An amazing underwater system with some of the most intact and unspoilt stalactites and stalagmites I’ve seen. There is not an abundance of sea life, so if you’re looking purely for life, this dive won’t appeal to you. But if you’re into rock formations and unusual diving experience, it’s a must!!! I’ve attached some amazing photo’s from the cave dives!One of the most spectacular features is where the salt water meets the fresh water. It’s called a thermocline. An amazing phenomenon which I don’t think you’ll get to see anywhere else in the world. There is literally a line that separates the two waters. A blurry vision whilst swimming through the salt water opening up into a 20/20 vision with 30 meter visibility once you’re in the fresh water.

Background on the caves in Cancun and Yucatan

This region of Cancun is home to the worlds Number 1, 2 and 3 largest caves / cenotes and underwater caverns in the world. This system of caverns is made up of 3 major caves. The second-longest (Sistema Sac Actun) and third-longest underwater caves (Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich). Then the Sistema Sac Actun (White Cave System) which now holds the title of the world’s largest underwater cave.

Where to Book?

I manage to book this dive through the Gran Caribe Royal hotel that I was staying at and paid roughly $90 for 2 dives, including equipment, drinks, transport and lunch. This was apparently a total ripoff 🙂 which of course you only find out at the end of your trip. If you walk down the main strip in Cancun you’ll come across loads of travel agencies. Walk into one of them and ask them from some quotes. You’ll get the same trip for roughly $65.

cavediving-cancun.jpg cave-stalactites.jpg underwater-caves.jpg

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  2. Recently took a great diving trip to Cancun. Stayed at the Gran Melia Cancun…which has some great Cancun Beaches I booked my dive through the hotel as well, great service great dive

  3. it’s amazing…. have you ever been diving in indonesia????

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry I’ve not replied to your recently but I’ve been traveliing hehe…

    I have never dived in Indonesia? Is it awesome?

    I just recently went diving in Dubai, that was an experience. I will be posting about it soon.

  5. next times I hope will trip like friend !

  6. I’ve been to the caves by diving in Cancun, are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen actually.

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