Posted by: ivolution | January 6, 2008

Gran Caribe Real Resort

Gran Carib Royal HotelThe most amazing thing about the hotels in Cancun Mexico are the “All Inclusive Packages”. After many an article and hotel review I came across a little diamond, affordable diamond called Gran Caribe Real. The Gran Carib hotel is part of the Real Resorts group of hotels. The Real Group of hotels consists of 5 hotels through out Cancun and it’s surrounding peninsula. The Gran Caribe Real, The Royal Cancun, The Royal in Playa Del Carmen and the Real Playa Del Carmen.Swimming pool, beach view!

The amenities and services offered were 5 start. Unfortunately I got caught by booking all my travel packages and tours through the hotel. DON’T GET CAUGHT. This will end costing you $120 for a travel tour to the Cozumel Island instead of $60 if booked via one of the local travel companies on the main road.

Restaurants and Dining

Gran Carib private beachOverall the dining experience at the hotel is not amazing. It’s definitely worth your while to go for the all inclusive package as it can save you a whole lot of money should you feel like spending the day at the pool or at the hotel beach. With a selection of 4 restaurants though, it’s the one aspect of the hotel that could do with a little bit of a face life. The breakfasts are out of this world, with spreads to die for. A good selection of fruit, omelette’s and cereals. Lunches consist of your average American fat food selection, ranging from toasted sandwiches to hamburgers. The dinners are mainly buffets, with Maria’s being the TOP restaurant in the hotel offering an authentic Mexican dinner in a quaint and warm atmosphere. Not recommended if you’re single, you kinda get a couple of looks :).


Hotel bar, dancing,music, drinking!During the day, this hotels pumps. There are two swimming pools which offer great entertainment in the form of DJ’s, games and GREAT GREAT COCKTAILS. The waiters and waitresses walk around all day serving you cocktails, another reason to go ALL INCLUSIVE. The beachfront has these amazing sleeper couches where massages are the order of the day. Unfortunately, the beaches were washed away by the storms of the Hurricanes and this is far from the greatest swimming beach in Cancun, but all in all nice to TAN!

The evenings consists of everyone drinking the night away in the central bar, with live music and dancing until 11:00pm where everyone goes back to their rooms to get ready for the nights partying at Coco Bongo or Senior Froggs.


I’ve travelled an awful lot over the last 3 years and I must say that a 6 night 7 day all inclusive package at a 5 star hotel for $1000, is an incredible bargain. If you’re looking for some booking information and pricing on this hotel, visit the Gran Caribe Real Official Site. My recommendation is that you book directly through their official site and not via travel sites, the specials are a whole lot better.

Steve’s Overall Hotel Review

It’s a hotel suited mainly for family’s and romantic getaways, but as a single lone traveller, I loved every minute of it. The food was average, the cocktails and drinks were FREE so I can’t complain, but what really really impressed me, was the services and ability to communicate in all languages.

Overall I give the Gran Caribe Real a 8.5/10 rating.



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  2. hi, try visiting asia . they are great too.

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  4. This looks like a great place to stay. I just got back from a non all inclusive in Cancun that was pretty greay Gran Melia Cancun

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  6. We just came back from Gran Caribe real the all inclusive was great ,it,s nice to eat and drink as much as you want and not have to worry about the bill or tipping.But take a bunch of one Dollar bills, we left a Dollar for the maid every day and we always found a surpize waiting for us in our room, like a bottle of wine or robes and slippers. And the waiters won,t let your glass go empty and you get better service all that for buck.

  7. I have beautiful country my friend…!
    maybe you want visit too…..Indonesia !

  8. Thanks for this – we’re headed to Cancun today, also to Gran Caribe (only for 3 days, then we’re going to head somewhere cheaper) — thanks for the tips re the tours etc.

    • That’s fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful time there… Please do feel free to leave your comments or even write a niuce BLOG for us 🙂 when you come back…

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