Posted by: ivolution | December 30, 2007

Dedications of a Travel BLOG

The women in my family. Well 3 of them at least. Something happened to me 2 days ago, where I HURT alot of people I loved without realising it. In fact, I still haven’t quite got over it, but I’m trying. I also had some sleepless nights since then and then I remembered, Steve, your Travel Diaries. So let me start off by apologising first and foremost to the readers of this Diary; for I do not know where I’m going to begin, but I do know that people will enjoy it and I dedicate this BLOG to the people that I love most in this world, MY FAMILY – P.S. They’re in Madagascar at the moment, so they’ll be writing some stuff for me pretty damn soon!

 Also I’ll get a better photo but I needed something to put up!

So my first travel BLOG post will be “Travelling to Cancun, Mexico“. Little piece of useless history, BLOG – Stands for WebLog. It’s a web diary basically. Hence, Steve’s Travel Diary!



  1. I too realise the value of the support your family gives you! Your posting inspired me to go back to my family and say thank you for their support over the last couple of years!!!
    I would like to link my blog with yours, thanks for your motivational comment!!
    Happy and safe travels! Its ALL GOOD!!

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