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Expats Dubai

Well. It’s about darn time I started blogging again and I feel terrible because each time i start i promise myself I’ll contiue by neigh.. ALAS i have not!!

Anyway, I’ve met alot of expats of late and they’re all moaning about the lack of content of Google regarding expats. I’ve decided to start blogging for Expats in every country and today I’ll start with Expats in Dubai.

So for those of you Dubai expats, I’ve got a great resource for you to start your journey. Check out the Expats Dubai forum on the net that seems to be a big hit right now.

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Travelling South Africa

Travelling South AfricaAaaaaaahhhhhhhh, when i opened my mailbox this morning with a letter from my girlfriend crapping me out, after I asked her 3 weeks ago to start writing some articles for mytravel blog, I realised that we were already in February and if I didn’t start blogging about the most fabulous journey through South Africa within the next couple of days, I’d probably forget half the stuff.

So without much further ado, i bring you, travelling through South Africa by car. This will consist of many many posts as we did many spots in two weeks. This trip is a flight from Johannesburg international to Durban international. A drive from Durban to Cape Town. Driving from Cape Town to the Northern Cape and the across back to the land of the living in Gauteng, where I know write this article :).

Over 2 weeks we managed to drive 3500km in Toyota Tazz 1300 with no airconditioning through some of the most undiscovered and untouched pieces on land in South Africa.

Please subscribe to this Blog as I take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Steve Supports The Million Man March Against Crime

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a BLOG and I must apologise as I have done some travelling but I’ve just been a little swamped. So catchup time is in order but only after my 30th on the 12 June WOOOHOOOO. Yes , I’m getting there, getting there quickly.

Before I do write a new post I would just like to share something with the rest of the world. South Africa today took their first stance against CRIME in the country. A group with a petition for the president organised The Million Man March Against Crime to stand up against a wave of crime that’s hit our country.

As most of you may have heard on the news, South Africans and foreigners, especially Africans were hit with a wave of Xenophobic attacks that really hurt a already crime stricken country.

Today was the day this was to change. For more information on this please visit the website at

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Reef Diving in Cozumel – Cancun


After all the amazing talk and response I’ve had from the article on fresh water cave diving in Cancun I thought I’d write a nice little article on the reef dive in Cozumel in Cancun. For those of you who don’t know, Cozumel is a tourist haven little island off the coast of Mexico. Roughly a 45 minute ferry ride to the island, Cozumel is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, tourist shopping and diving mecca’s in the world today. If I had a choice now, I would’ve spent my entire holiday in Cozumel and taken a day trip to Cancun :), but the budget would not allow.

There were 2 reef dives that I did in Cozumel. The first dive a 45 minutes dive along the reef shelf. This reef is a steep shelf that drops off hundreds of metres below. It’s a dive filled with reef sharks, turtles and eels. The tricky part of this fresh water dive is the current. You get dropped off at one spot and get taken by the current about a mile down the reef wall before being picked up 45 minutes later by your skipper. Don’t bother turning around an swimming against this current, it’s a killer!! I tried catching up with a turtle, which aren’t the quickest of swimmers but that left me out of breathe and 10 minutes short on my dive hehe. I suppose that comes with experience.

Check out some of the awesome photo’s.

44_resize.jpg   66_resize.jpg   20_resize.jpg   43_resize.jpg   

The second dive was a flat coral dive also off the coast of Cozumel. It’s a barren sandy beach with splashes of coral life spread out across the ocean floor. A quite very chilled dive, with some amazing Bass, eels and sea life! The coral is spectacular and the anenome are out of this world. Alot of sting rays and morays frequents these regions. The problem I face is that I don’t remember the name of the dive and the spots I dove in. So if these photo’s tickle your fancy you’re going to have to print them out or send your travel agent to this site and ask them if they recognise the pictures :-).

Anyways enough yabbering, check out my photo’s.

img_2942_resize.jpg   img_1505_resize.jpg   79_resize.jpg   05_resize.jpg

Cave Diving in Cancun

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Travelling to Simons Town

simons-town1.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted a quaint, quiet, historical little village, Simons Town in Cape Town, South Africa is an amazing little place that is summed up in those three words exactly. Situated in the quiet side of the Cape Peninsula, Simons Town is a must for ALL visitors going to the Cape. Having recently spent 4 days in Simons Town on a little romantic getaway with the girlfriend, I found myself in love with a side of the Cape with Cape Town activities and scenery that I never knew really existed.

The problem with visitors coming to Cape Town, South Africa, and I’m not talking about your international visitors, I’m talking about your local South African vaalie types, is that the places they visit are all the hip hop, clubbing, shopping and partying districts of the Cape, namely Clifton and Camps Bay etc….

You want good food, good accommodation and an experience that you’ll never forget (including some lovely gale force winds ;-)) do a trip to Simons Town. OH, DON’T FORGET THE PENGUINS!!!

History of Simons Town

Simon’s Town Bay owes its name to Governor Simon van der Stel, who landed in False Bay in 1687.  In 1741, after many shipwrecks in Table Bay (See Simons Town Diving Adventures), that the Dutch East India Company decreed that their vessels anchor in Simon’s Town Bay.

Simon’s Town, as we know it today, grew more rapidly with the establishment of the Royal Naval Base there soon after the second British occupation in 1806. As can be seen by the stunning Simons Town harbour and historical buildings.

simons-town-travel.jpgOver the past two decades Simon’s Town has attracted many new residents with a subsequent building boom, which has fortunately not destroyed the historical and cultural appeal of the old town. The advent of democracy in 1994 and the recent expansion of the, fully integrated, South African Navy has given a further impetus to the growth of Simon’s Town, which now attracts thousands of visitors every year. While most come to see the penguins and the whales, many tarry to appreciate the unique historical ambience of Simon’s Town.

Eating Out in Simons Town

The Black Marlin -Nestled on one of the most scenic coastlines in the Cape , just outside of Simon’s Town, and en-route to Cape Point is the Black Marlin Restaurant.

Top 5 things to do in Simons Town

Boulders Beach – The home of the Simons Town penguins.

Places to stay in Simons Town

Romans Rock Guest House

Please stay tuned. This article will be updated over the next couple of days with new content.

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Hit The Slopes For Less

Hotel PortilloPortilio Ski Resort, Chile.

Why you’ll want to go:South America’s oldest ski resort keeps it real with quaint accommodation and no overcrowding or outrageous prices.
Where to stay: Hotel Portillo is a classic mountain hotel – with outdoor heated pool, restaurant and piano bar. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind bunk beds (no getting frisky people), try Octagono Lodge.
What to do:SKI!!! Head for the slopes for some great skiing or snowboarding sessions. Novices can have lessons at Portillo Ski school. Don’t miss out on lunch at Tio Bob’s or partying with the locals at La Posada restaurant and the Portillo Bar.
How much you ask: A 7 night stay at the Hotel Portillocosts from $1300.00 per person (including 4 meals a day and ski lift access). A 7 night stay at Octagono Lodge goes for $800 per person (including 4 meals a day at Hotel Portillo and ski lift access).

 If this tickles your fancy check out the website on

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TRIPPING – This months HOT travel tips!

Chichen Itza - 7 Wonders

WOOOOOAAAAA… yes people. Don’t get scared, don’t get frightened, but I’m back! The green machine is back to give you some travel tips and experiences to die for. Before I continue I just want to apologise for not having continued with my Cancun travel and Cape Town travelexperiences but this is a fun BLOG, so I figured why pressurise myself. The response however has been so overwhelming that I’ve decided to put more effort into my BLOGGING.

 So today I’m going to give you HOT HOT HOT TRAVEL TIPS.


Earlier this year The New 7 Wonders Foundation invited people to vote online for their favourite modern day wonders. And the winners this year were…

The Great Wall, China. The largest man-made monument ever to have been built – and the only original wonder to make the new list. The Palace of Petra, Jordan. A 42 metre high Hellenistic temple facade on the edge of the Arabian desert. Christ Redeemer, Brazil.A 38 metre hug statue of Jesus that overlooks Rio de Jeniero. Machu Picchu, Peru.Known as a city in the clouds , this ancient Incan place of pilgrimage lies halfway up the Andes mountains. The Pyramid of Chichen Itza, Mexico. The last and greatest of the Mayan temples in Mexico. Roman Colosseum, Italy. This great amphitheatre was built to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Taj Mahal, India.Shah Jahan ordered this white marble jewel of India to be uilt in memory of his beloved wife.

Why am I telling you this you may ask, well it’s simple. If you have no idea where you’d like to travel too and you’re the type of traveller that loves historical sites and museums, here’s 7 sites for you to do!!! Plus I’ve been to 3 of them which means you’ll be able to read my next posts on these beautiful and magestical wonders of the world.

So long readers till next time.
Travel Diaries

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The Lighter Side of Cape Town

This weekend my girlfriend and I decided to take 4 days off and take a trip to Cape Town – South Africa. My girlfriend never having been outside of Clifton or Camps Bay (in Cape Town for those of you who have never been) was so excited. I just couldn’t wait to finally spend some time in the proper side of Cape Town. Away from the glitz and glamour and showing off of the Kugel strip. Dont’ get me wrong, it’s a must see for first timers, but there are places in the Western Cape, that are too die for…

Having said that, I discovered the two best towns in Cape Town.
The one: Franshoek, The other: Simonstown

This is Cape Town Site Seeing like you’ve never experienced before.

Stay tuned for more of Steve’s Travel Diaries and his adventures in the Mother City!

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Dining in Cancun

Darn it’s been a while. Been wanting to write more for ages before I forget about my darn holiday, but time is of the essence people. So it’s now 1:30pm and I’m tired of working so I’m going to spend the next 30 minutes of my day putting together another article for my oh so wonderful BLOG.

Now before I get started with the dining experience in Cancun, I’m going to warn those of you with weak stomachs and those of you who eat mommy’s meals every night! It’s not for the faint hearted. I’m a pretty experimental eater when it comes to food and I love restaurants. I also like to think that my stomach can handle pretty much any meal you throw at me including a Indian Vindaloo Curry, but I’ll tell you, my stomach struggled with all the starch they eat in Mexico.

STEVE’S DINING TIP OF THE DAY: Takes some good laxitives with if you struggle with digestion! Between the beans, bread, avocado, nuts and oily meat, that digestive system takes a good beatin!!

Eating Out in Cancun

Now that I got my little rant above over and done with let me tell you, there are some of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at in Cancun. There are over 1000 restaurants easily, 5 restaurants in the New Gran Caribe Real resort that I stayed in, although none worth spending too much money in…

A highly recommended restaurant (very pricey) but exquisite food is the Spice restaurant. Increadbile food with service that you wouldn’t anywhere in the world. A great selection of wines and a good place to get engaged :-). The family that took for dinner there lost a son to his future wife ;-). It was an incredible experience, plus I ended up getting a free meal at one of the most expensive restaurants of this planet.

Another restaurant that I ended up spending many hours at was Lorenzillo’s. If you’re a lobster fan, this place has the biggest selection of lobster in Mexico. An incredible dining experience where the restaurant over looks the bay. The lobster is out of this world, by far the best seafood in Mexico. For some great restaurant reviews check out

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Senor Frogs – Cancun PARTIES!

It’s been a while people and I do apologise. The response on my BLOG after just 5 posts makes me wonder why I never went with WordPress the first time I started BLOGGING. It just seems as though people who use wordpress are friendlier and share their thoughts more often, vs. the BLOGGER boys who seem to just use BLOGGER to gain backlinks and traffic for their real sites…. But enough about that lets move onto a topic that’s WELL WORTH WRITING ON A FRIDAY!

Partying In Cancun

Now believe me when I say that the parties in Cancun kick some serious butt! In fact the first party in Cancun with my two mates (whom if you read this post I’d really like you guys to contact me…) was awesome… See photo below!

Senior Froggs Cancun Mexico

 In a little corner in the hub of Cancun’s partying district is a secluded pub / restaurant / club called Senor Frogs. Now I’d never heard of this place before (even though it’s apparently one of the biggest chain of pubs) but let me  tell you, I’ll go back tomorrow. The waiters are incredibly friendly. The service is amazing and if you manage to drink enough and give enough to the waiters you’ll eventually start getting shooters poured down your throat at a rate of knots. Apart from the amazing tequila, cocktails out of this world, girls to die for, this place is a must see:

Senior Frogg girls! Mexican girls! Cancun girls!

The food is apparently really really good 🙂 but I believe after my 14th Tequila Margerita I forgot I’d even eating. If you’re looking for a fun fun time people, Senor Frogs Bar and Nightlife! With daily live music, DJs, contests and karaoke, this bar is always going until the early morning hours. And if that’s not enough, there’s even a water slide that leads from the venue out to the lagoon. So don’t forget your bathing suit.

To get to Senior Frog’s Cancun:
Senor Frog’s Cancunis located at Blvd, Kukulcan Km. 9.5, Frente a la playa Chac Mool, Zona Hotelera, C.P. 77500, Cancun, Quintana Roo.

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